a Company of Theatrical Musicians

A few days since at a Village situate on the banks of the River Soar, and about 8 miles North of Leicester, a Collection was made by the inhabitants thereof for the entertainment of a Company of Theatrical Musicians who performed on Sunday the 24th Instant. And Behold! in the midst of their Performance to the great Astonishment of a crouded Audience, SUSAN was heard to squeak, but not any Person seen to dance. And as the Performers were hungry with Travelling and Thirsty with performing as was observed by the frequent popping of the performers out of the Gallery into the store room or bell-house, ’tis thought the Collection made by the sorrowful Inhabitants will be too small for the Entertainment, and that the whole cannot be made up without the assistance of a Levy.
++At our Assizes which ended yesterday, the noted William Wilkes the Horse taker, was convicted of Felony and ordered to be transported for seven years. Eliz. Wilkes, George Mousley, Samuel Treslove, William Shenton, and John Grace, were acquitted.