a Caution to Parish Officers

A correspondent from a Parish in this County informs us, of the following Transaction, which may be depended upon to be authentic, and desires it may be inserted in out Journal, as a Caution to all other Parish Officers.
++A Pauper of the said Parish of very weak intellects, almost bordering on Idiotism, took it into his head to go to service, accordingly he went and lived with the Churchwarden of an adjoining parish, which Officer being very expert in parish affairs, and having in his parish a female pauper, and willing to do it a very peculiar service in getting rid of her, by pecuniary and other methods, persuaded his servant to marry the girl, and then advised them to go to their own parish to live, but the inhabitants thereof, being informed of the clandestine methods that had been used with their pauper, applied to Law for redress, and the affair being ready for hearing at the Session, Mr. Churchwarden thought proper to come to an arrangement, and to pay to the Officers of the man’s parish, 50l. besides Cost of Suit, which with the Wedding Portion, and other incidental expences, amounts to more than 70l. and as Mr. Churchwarden did not consult the inhabitants of his parish, in transacting this honest affair, they have refused to pay any part of the expence, so that he is very likely to bear the whole charge of this extraordinary procedure himself.
++On Wednesday morning the body of a new born Female Child was found in the Horse-pool at the end of South-gate street, in this Borough; and on Thursday the Coroner’s Inquest sat upon the Body, and brought in their Verdict, Wilful Murder by some Person or Persons unknown.
++Yesterday was committed to this Town Gaol, by Mr. Alderman Fisher, John Carr, charged with selling of Geese, knowing them to be stolen from Newbold-Verdon.—The above John Carr is a man of sallow complexion, black hair, straight and thin, about 5 feet 8 inches high, has on a light drab coat, red waistcoat, greasy leather breeches and a black handkerchief about his neck, and very remarkable on his nose. He says his last residence was at Wharton, near Orton on the Hill. he is strongly suspected to be an old offender, and to have committed many robberies in Bosworth, Newbold, and places adjacent. At the sign of the Admirals in this Town, selling one of his Geese, while the landlord was drawing him a mug of ale, he replenished the bag in which the goose had been carried, by putting in a number of such moveable irons as were nearest at hand. He pretended to have several accomplices, in most of the Frauds he has been concerned in.