a boy of Mr. Taylor’s, about 6 years old

On monday last a boy of Mr. Taylor’s, of this town, about 6 years old, fishing by the river side, unfortunately fell in, and was drowned.
++On Sunday last died, Mrs Wigley, wife of Mr. Wigley, one of the Aldermen of this borough.
++At the annual Spring Florest feast held yesterday at the 3 Cranes for Auricula’s and Polyanthos, the prizes were determined as follows: To Mrs. Anne Wigley’s gardener, 10s 6d for the best Auricular, and 2s 6d for the 3rd. The 2nd best prize for Auricula was won by Mr. Wilkinson. The prize of 10s 6d for the best Polyanthos was won by Mr. Ruding’s gardener, and the 2nd and 3rd best by Mr. Berry of Evington. All the Polyanthos were of the sort called the Furnate. And the whole of this society were of the opinion that the prizes were properly adjudged.
++On Monday last the Mayor of the borough, attended by the Aldermen &c. in their formalities, and preceded by a grand band of music, went to the Dane-Hills to see the diversion of hunting pursuant to annual custom; the gentlemen of the Hunt were afterwards invited to an elegant entertainment at the New Change, given by Mr. Mayor.