3 fellows of the fraternity of Horse-Takers

On wednesday last 3 fellows of the fraternity of Horse-Takers, who infest the New Turnpike Road leading from Hinkley to Swannington, Cole-Orton, &c. took off a Horse from the Waggon of a Farmer, whilst he was drinking a mug of Ale at the Bull in the Oak near Bosworth; two of them conveyed the Horse with his Gears, Accoutrements, &c. down to Cadeby, to put him into the hands of the Constable, whilst their Companion went on in pursuit of another Team; The Constable and Headborough being both from home, and the Town’s-people being informed of their business, the Women assaulted the fellow who had got the Horse, which they took from him, and most severely whipped him, till the blood followed the stripes; they then filled his eyes with dust and salt, and his mouth with Excrement; and having as they thought sufficiently punished him, they let him go inform his Companions.